Friends of Kelsey Park

About the Friends

At a local Beckenham residents meeting in 1996 the welfare of the Park was the topic for discussion. The Council became interested and, at a later public meeting, the Friends of Kelsey Park came into being. Their declared objectives were the conservation and protection of the Park’s ecology, its plants, animals, birds and its beauty. Its intention was to provide education on the Park’s history and its natural history and to promote “the quiet enjoyment of the Park”. A committee was formed and memberships were invited. The first newsletter was published in the spring of 1997 with others following and this has developed into the magazine which is published three times a year.

Today, the Friends of Kelsey Park have a membership of around 600 households and they provide the busy groups of volunteers, some of whom manage the Information Centre at weekends, others become involved in conservation work, particularly in the woodland areas. They help with the monthly “bird count” of native and migrating species each month. When it becomes necessary they liaise with the local wildlife rescue centres when injured birds or small animals are brought to their notice. They organise various activities in the park for children, the Easter Egg Hunt and the Bat Walks and for families and adults, the Dawn Chorus Walk and an occasional musical concert. Friends maintain our Facebook site and this, our new website.

Membership is only £10.00 for the whole household and, if you want to be more involved, new volunteers are always most welcome.

To view the Friends' constitution, click either here for .pdf format, or here for .docx format.