Friends of Kelsey Park

Dredging Fund

The Friends devote a great deal of time and effort to keep the Park safe and attractive and to do this we rely on funds received through the Annual Subscriptions, Fund Raising activities and generous Donations, which are used to cover routine expenditure.

However, the Park is now faced with the problem of clearing a large amount of silt which has built up under the bridge at the North end of the lake and is having a detrimental effect on the quality of the water and the wild life that uses the lake. We are keeping in close contact with the Council, 'idverde' (the Park’s Management Company) and Thames 21, who specialise in waterflow problems. Guidance is also being requested from the Environmental Agency and Thames Water, as to the best way to tackle this problem.

Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the exercise to clear the silt and arrange for its possible disposal, we have yet to obtain a definite figure as to how much it will cost. We are aware, however, that the figure will be many thousands of pounds.

Inevitably, covering this cost is a big problem as the Council, like many others, does not have resources to assist in this matter. and we are considering ways of raising funds to put towards whatever can be obtained from outside sources, in due course. As well as looking into the requirements laid down by these sources, we are considering various ways of trying to build up a fund. Using the 'Donate' button on this web site will enable individuals to make payments and contribute towards the cost of this important work.

This page will be regularly updated with details of the amount required and a running total of the total donations received.

Whatever amount you can give will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.